To The Fibromyalgia Project.

We’re a social initiative empowering people with Fibromyalgia to take back control of their pain and exhaustion. Through sharing knowledge, answering questions and connecting you with great resources and people around the world, we aim to shine a light on Fibromyalgia recovery. 

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The Course.

In more than a decade serving patients with FMS, this is our proudest moment so far at The Fibro Project. We’ve created a course that we’ve called “In Spite of The Challenges” (for many reasons!) that is dedicated to empowering people with Fibromyalgia through knowledge and support. 

We didn’t just want to demystify this condition or start to help you think differently about how you approach resolving it. We also wanted to find a way to actually help you on a personal level. 

So this resource does three very important things for you.

#1 – It teaches you the key concepts you need to know about improving Fibromyalgia. 
#2 – It offers you a place to ask YOUR questions and get professional answers. 
#3 – And it gives you an environment in which you can build support and community around you.

And what's more... It's free.

Our Mission.

Learn. Ask. Engage.

Did you ever hear the old adage “Give someone a fish and they eat for a day, but teach someone to fish and they eat for a lifetime”? Well that’s exactly our mission here. We aim to teach you life skills that can change your pain experience, rather than offer you a short term hack or quick fix that may help in the moment but leave you with nothing useful to take into tomorrow and beyond.

We wanted to create a resource that truly supports the needs of those suffering from FMS. Our goal is to give people in this community the ability to become empowered to change their health. But to become empowered we need three ingredients: 

#1  – To Learn the key skills, backed by modern pain science, that have potential to change your pain experience.
#2 – To Ask your burning questions to someone who will actually listen… and get them answered.
#3 – And to Engage in a community that supports you fully, so you feel safe to share your experiences. 

That’s what we hope we’ve created here. A process we call Learn. Ask. Engage. So let me explain… 


Learn the skills that bring you back to health.

As Sir Francis Bacon once famously said, “Knowledge itself is power”. But is this knowledge in the right hands? Your hands? 

We often say to clients that there are 168 hours in a week. You may see a medical practitioner or therapist for just one of them. That’s just one hour where THEY get to have influence over your pain. Which leaves YOU 167 hours when you’re in charge (and that assumes you can even afford to see a good specialist once a week!).

So what if you could have access to all the important parts of their knowledge and take it away with you? Would you feel empowered now?

Our deep desire here at The Fibro Project is to help you learn the knowledge that empowers you to take control of your future health. And we believe this is what our courses do for you. We put the latest professional knowledge and insights in your hands, so you can act on them 168 hours of every week.

With the support of our Patron members, who enable us to bring this service to you, we aim to constantly develop courses and resources that are relevant to your needs. That way, you can take consistent action every day towards health

Just see us as your professional pain expert, that’s by your side every single day.


You're no longer alone.

Have you ever left the doctor’s office only to have all the questions you wish you had asked come flooding into your head moments later? Yep, us too!

Well fret no more, we’ve got you covered. Every lesson we teach comes with a Discussion Room to give you the opportunity to ask those questions – even if they come to you in the middle of the night! 

Our professional Pain Education Coaches are here to help you understand your pain, and your path to health, as clearly as possible. 


Be part of a community that is focussed on improving their health.

Engaging in community and having support from your peers, has been proven to be the No. 1 influencer on health in all areas of life. We are social animals after all.

You know, Sir Francis Bacon was not completely correct in saying “Knowledge itself is power”. Knowledge is only as good as your ability to apply it to your life, so “Applied knowledge” is true power. That’s where community and peer to peer sharing comes in. 

We’re attempting to build a community that engages in helping each other find positive solutions to daily life, based on the framework we’ll teach you. Our community have the opportunity to learn and share creative ways to apply this knowledge. You get to interact with likeminded people that know far more about living with FMS than we do . And remember, your’s is always an important voice in that community.

When engaging in the community, you can: 

– Share your experiences with the community
– Encourage others and share your insights
– Build friendships with likeminded people
– Create your own private social groups with your new friends from around the world
– Even integrate your personal Zoom account into your groups to add a personal touch.

This Is Free Because Of Our Patrons.

Learn. Ask. Engage. Even more!

You may be asking yourself how it is even possible for a service like this is free. Well it’s all made possible by the kindness of our community. 

Our Patrons are Fibromyalgia sufferers like you, who have seen the value in what we provide here for them and choose, voluntarily, to support us. Their support enables us to turn our part time fibromyalgia project into a full time social initiative. 

Watch Our Foundation Video Series Here.

Learn why Fibromyalgia occurs, the first steps you can take to change your health and much, much more inside.

**Disclaimer: We are not offering a “Hack” or a “Get pain free fast” service here. We are offering education and support in a coaching format, based on modern pain science.  It takes time, commitment and guidance to overcome Fibromyalgia. The same way it does any chronic pain condition. Unfortunately, that’s just the way Mother Nature intended it. But, if you want unbiased advice geared towards regaining health, based on the latest science and more than a decade of experience working with people in chronic pain, then we might well be the perfect stepping stone to provide just that for you. The views and opinions shared here are not to be considered as medical advice. Always seek a medical consult first before trying something new.