We are not offering a “Hack” or a “Get pain free fast” service here. We are offering education and support in a coaching format, based on modern pain science.  It takes time, commitment and guidance to overcome Fibromyalgia. The same way it does any chronic pain condition. Unfortunately, that’s just the way Mother Nature intended it.

But, if you want unbiased advice geared towards regaining health, based on the latest science and more than a decade of experience working with people in chronic pain, then we might well be the perfect stepping stone to provide just that for you. 

Not Medical Advice.

The views and opinions shared here are not to be considered as medical advice and we do not hold responsibility for any action you take base on what you learn here. We strongly advise you always seek the professional opinion of your Doctor or Rheumatologist before embarking on any new activities.

Our coaching also does not serve as Counselling, Psychotherapy or Physiotherapy intervention.

Our views may change as research develops.

Pain science is a fast moving area of research and our views may differ or be misrepresentative of the current knowledge. We do everything in our power to keep up to date a relevant information on our website. However, one piece of scientific research can dramatically change that advice, so we reserve the right to change the information at any time.


The views and opinions of any coaches here are theirs alone and do not necessarily represent those of the Fibro Project.

Please not that all audio, video and other information presented during a coaching session or webinar is recorded for quality and training purposes. which may be discoverable in a legal matter. By jointing the presentations you automatically consent to be recorded. If you have concerns, please discuss these with your Coach/Mentor.

The material may not be copied, sent, emailed, distributed, shared or further reproduced in any way.