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Sensitisation – An Untamed Superpower

Chris Newton February 15, 2021

“Fibromyalgia is an untamed Superpower.”

Okay, the expression on your face tells me I have some convincing to do. But trust me, I am being serious, it just depends on what frame you wish to view the problem through. 

Just think about it, at one point in time Superman would have torn doors off their hinges with his strength, burned holes in the walls of the Kent family farmhouse with his laser gaze and, accidentally, leapt tall buildings in a single bound. He was very much not the Superman we now know and love back in those early days because his powers would have been untamed.

Now, obviously I realise he’s a fictional hero, but the metaphor still applies… You have skills that you just need to master. 

In this short written course, I want to see if I can shift your perspective a little so you can take a fresh look at Fibromyalgia, and maybe even tweak how you approach recovery. 

It is meant to empower you (not irritate you!) so please realise that there is a certain degree of tongue in cheek about the Superpower thing, but the important message that it carries, I believe, is worth the read. 

So if you’re curious, let’s read on…