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The Fork In The Road

Chris Newton February 15, 2021

Now the hero’s journey is never a simple one. There are always trials and challenges along the way. None more so than attempting to understand the power they’ve come to possess. 

There is a fork in the road ahead of them and it’s firmly based around whether they see their power as a force for good, or evil. 

A Force For Evil

This path is where the powers are left uncontrolled and the hero of the story allows their mind to become overtaken with frustration and anger. They give in to the power. It may seem to others that they have it under control but the reality is, the powers control them. 

This path only allows the person to see the destructive power in what they have. In Fibromyalgia terms, this means the focus becomes all about what Sensitisation can destroy in their life. 

They begin to hate their body, with its power to control them, and this only fuels the flames of frustration and anger towards it. They’re tilting more and more heavily towards the danger side of the balance scale we spoke about in the first course. They want to ignore the power that they have, wishing they were like “normal” people.

But there is another path. A path that enables them to embrace all the strengths that lie in this Sensitisation Superpower.

It may take time to find it. Our hero may need the calm guidance of someone who can view things differently and see potential in them. Yet to get onto that path, the hero must learn to view their powers differently. They MUST see the GOOD in them.

A Force For Good

This is the path to peace, enlightenment and mastery of Sensitisation. It’s a path that recognises there is good in all situations, if you care to look. However, to access the path, it requires a completely different way of viewing the superpower. You need a new “frame” to look at it through.

When the power you have is Sensitisation, the frame you need to look through is one that shows that this is simply the ability to notice things about your body incredibly quickly. 

The frame would also show that your nervous system has adapted to make this power wonderfully efficient in many areas.

It’s increased the number of nerve ending receptor channels. It has adapted structures that amplify nerve signals. It has grown sensory areas in the brain to devote more computing power to the task of Sensitising you. 

All in all, you shouldn’t just believe Sensitisation is your superpower. You really are structurally “Enhanced”, like all the best superheroes. And there are many modern day [Mad] Scientists, in their geeky labs, that could prove it to you. 

So let’s assume for a moment that you’re willing to turn away from the dark side and take the path of mastery. What would that look like to the hero of our story?…