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The Hero’s Journey – The Call To Adventure

Chris Newton February 15, 2021

Okay, so you’re probably thinking “What kind of superpower could chronic pain and exhaustion possibly be?” and you’d be forgiven for thinking this. You see, it’s really all about how you choose to view a problem.

So where you see Pain and Exhaustion, I see Sensitisation. And that’s a Superpower. 

Being sensitised means you’re acutely aware of your body and your surroundings. It enables you to predict the future, and it offers you immediate feedback. But just like any great superhero, when their new powers are thrust upon them, you need to learn to use these powers for good, or they can turn you to the dark side.

So if Sensitisation is your superpower, then let’s explore what Sensitisation actually is. 


Sensitisation is something that your brain and nervous system does to make you hyper alert. It enables you to get feedback extremely quickly from the sensory receptors all over your body – quicker than you might otherwise receive that information normally, and certainly more loudly. 

Sensitisation happens in every system of the body, not just the pain system and it is constantly being adjusted up and down by our brain, like a car stereo volume knob. Basically, if you have a sensory receptor then you have the potential for it to become sensitised or desensitised. That means, light, noise, smell, taste, touch, pressure, stretch, movement, even thoughts, feelings and emotions, all have the capacity to become Sensitised. And let’s face it, Fibromyalgia is capable of encompassing all of these.

Now us mere mortals, who do not have Fibromyalgia, have a huge buffer zone available in our sensitisation extremes, which means most every day things go completely unnoticed. We are ordinary, boring and devoid of our natural sensitisation becoming a superpower.

But you fledgling superheroes have narrowed down this buffer zone to the point where you can sense things much more quickly. Many of you even have the power to see into the future! – A superpower us average folk only wish we could have. “How do I see into the future?” you ask. Well, you’re able to predict if a planned activity is going to be good or bad for your body, before even trying it… and you’re usually right!

Now this is just where the story begins. In fact, this is the point in our Hero’s journey where they meet the customary fork in the road…