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The Path That Lies Ahead Of You

Chris Newton February 15, 2021

Once our hero realises that their Sensitisation is a superpower, not a curse, they have to begin to learn to tame it. 

This is the part of the story that shares a shortcut back to the dark side because our hero is at the start of a long road to mastery. You can’t be impatient and fast track this journey because it is about the lessons you learn along the way, not the destination. 

But this is a path that can be travelled. Here’s how:

Learn about the unique powers that you have. 

Every Superhero’s powers are slightly different. Sensitisation comes in many forms and intensities, so the starting point is to thoroughly investigate what powers you have.

For some with Fibromyalgia, pain is a big superpower that is completely out of control. For others it’s a background power that is not the strongest of their Sensitivities. 

You may find your Energy is more difficult to control, or Brain Fog, or immune reactions. Or all of the above if you’re a real top notch superhero in the making. 

So list them down and move on to the next part. 

Get curious

Now the interesting part begins. It’s time to get curious and start asking questions about those points on your list. 

Curiosity is the hallmark of a great superhero in their early journey. You have to have curiosity to explore and test how your Sensitivity presents itself. For example, it’s easy to say “Pain is there all the time”, but is it? 

Is it there when you’re distracted by watching a great comedy show? Or do you most often notice it after the show, or during a break? 

Do you get exhausted by everything? Or is there a sweet spot somewhere between inactivity and overactivity where you can have a “Good day” with your energy?

What is it that triggers a Flare Up? If you can predict a flare will happen when you plan to do a certain activity, then what is it about that activity that makes you capable of making this prediction?  

Do you see what I’m doing here? I’m acknowledging that there is a Sensitivity but I’m opening you up to exploring it with curiosity. And when I say curiosity, I really mean it. I want you to explore the questions with kindness and compassion towards yourself. You’re trying to uncover the boundaries of your superpower so you can tame it, not find ways to eliminate it. 

Once you’ve begun to explore and get curious about your powers, then it’s time to seek out your guides. 

Team up with other superheroes with different superpowers.

It really isn’t possible to both ask the questions and also give yourself the answers. As they say,

“You can’t read the label from inside the jar.”

Many also believe that the only people with valid insight to their questions are the ones that have been through the same ordeal. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. They are inside the jar with you, so they have no objectivity. They only know what works for them. And you’re not them. You’re YOU.

The hero, in any great story, ends up having many guides. That’s because no one person has all the answers. So the next part of the journey is to seek out people that can answer your questions objectively. The best guides know this and they’ll actively point you towards others when the time is right. 

Remember though, there’s no shortcut, even in looking for answers. No one answer will quite give you the complete picture. In fact, the chances are they’ll just reveal the next question to you. 

That’s why you need curiosity. Curiosity allows you to become engaged in the process, not get frustrated by it. But if you stick to the path, and you take control over your journey, you will edge towards mastery. You’ll understand your Sensitisation in ways I could never teach you and you’ll learn to have full control over it. 

It’s important to know that the hero always outgrows their guides eventually. Our hero will soon learn that they are the master of their own life, and once they become empowered they will naturally take over from there to share their wisdom with other would be heroes on a similar journey behind them.

And when you do master your Sensitisation Superpower, you’ll have a body that is fully under your control.