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Your Superpower

Chris Newton February 15, 2021

So I hope this story has inspired you to view your situation differently. You may be in pain, exhausted and struggling to see the light right now but with a change in perspective, and a little guidance from a supportive community, there is every chance of controlling your Sensitisation superpower. 

Sensitisation is is something that can trigger pain, yes. But sensitisation also allows you to notice quickly if there is something your body doesn’t like right now. if you can tune into that in a positive way, you’ll find great safety from within your body.

The truly important thing to know, is that the structural changes that have occurred to make you more sensitised today, are always changing. And the mastery of your Sensitisation actually helps these adaptation change back again, to a more normal level.

So the key is to master sensitisation first and remain consistent with it. Then over time your system will readapt. You’ll have completed the Hero’s Journey and arrived back where you started, only much more enlightened than your fellow humans.

To finish off, I thought I’d inspire you with a great animation about the Hero’s Journey from Ted Ed, that I hope will help you put this all into context. Enjoy.