Our Mission

“To continually find ways to empower men and women suffering from fibromyalgia with knowledge, support and community, so that they can thrive.”

About Us.

Our vision here at The Fibro Project is to create a unique and free resource for people with Fibromyalgia across the world, so that they can come together and learn the best strategies for dealing with this condition.

We envisage a day when a Fibro diagnosis is met with hope rather than despair. And we want to take a lead role in achieving this.

There is a great deal of active progress happening in the scientific community around complex chronic pain like yours but these discoveries take time to filter down into common knowledge. One report says it takes on average 7 years for new scientific understanding to become part of everyday knowledge. This means knowledge that could help you today is out there if you could only grab a hold of it.

This is very much true for Fibromyalgia.


We decided that we wanted to set up The Fibro Project as a philanthropic social initiative and have pledged to donate our time and our professional skills to bridging this knowledge gap.

We do not believe this information should be hidden behind a payment wall, because we feel that health should be a matter of public knowledge, not professional mystery.

Our aim is to empower you with a resource full of useful information that enables you to take charge of your health.

With a slight shift in how you view your symptoms we know that you can start to make progress in your health again. So our mission is simple…

“To continually find ways to empower men and women suffering from fibromyalgia with knowledge, support and community, so that they can thrive”

Our Values.


Always there to listen and support with compassion, understanding that we all have significant challenges that we are working to overcome.


Put the power in the hands of the people that need it most, allowing Fibromyalgia sufferers to become fully self-reliant in health.


To deliver pain education to the best of our knowledge, knowing that we do not have all the answers but will strive always to find them.


Always working to help others reach their fullest potential, in spite of all the unique challenges that they face. We will always find ways to demonstrate people’s potential to them.


Perseverance is the hallmark of Fibromyalgia recovery. We will demonstrate our own perseverance by continually growing our resource and supporting this community.


We will endeavour to create an environment where our members can feel safe to explore and challenge their physical and mental health.

Watch The Video Series Today.

Learn why Fibromyalgia occurs, the first steps you can take to change your health and much, much more inside.

**Dislaimer: We are not offering a “Hack” or a “Get pain free fast” service here. We are offering education and support in a coaching format, based on modern pain science.  It takes time, commitment and guidance to overcome Fibromyalgia. The same way it does any chronic pain condition. Unfortunately, that’s just the way Mother Nature intended it. But, if you want unbiased advice geared towards regaining health, based on the latest science and more than a decade of experience working with people in chronic pain, then we might well be the perfect stepping stone to provide just that for you. The views and opinions shared here are not to be considered as medical advice. Always seek a medical consult first before trying something new.