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Get the personal touch to help you on your journey to overcome your challenges with FMS. We offer a small number of one-to-one and group coaching sessions to those that want to fine tune their health through personalised guidance.

One-to-One Coaching.

Let us help you make sense of your Fibromyalgia.

The expression “you can’t see the forest for all the trees” often describes how people feel when trying to see how all this new knowledge about pain applies to them. We get bogged down in the detail and and lose our objectivity to help ourselves move forward. Ultimately, it’s this small challenge that drives many people to quite the process.

This is where Coaching comes in. Our one-to-one Coaching service is designed to help you apply what you are learning in the context of your own life and personal experiences. We’ll help you build a plan, starting with the simplest things you can do to improve your 


Single Coaching Session

90 Minute Zoom or In-Person


FIVE Coaching Session Block

90 Minute Zoom or In-Person


TEN Coaching Session Block

90 Minute Zoom or In-Person

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Group Coaching.

Use the power of a community to heal faster.

The one thing we know for sure, is that communities do better than those doing it alone. Our group coaching calls bring the power of individualised guidance and the support of your peers together. Along with our monthly coaching call, we will set you up in a Private Social Group on The Fibro Project platform, where you can encourage each other along and ask questions to your Coach between sessions. 

We will have a maximum of SIX members in any group, so that we can keep the setting intimate and support everyone equally. Each month we will have a 2 hour Zoom call to discuss topics, answer questions and coach you towards overcoming your challenges. 

To get involved, please add your name to our waitlist and we will email you as soon as there are enough people to form a group. 


Monthly Group Coaching Call

2 hour Zoom call

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